Future Museum & Educational Facility

The Lamb Spring Archaeological Preserve offers unique educational and tourism opportunities unlike anything else in the Denver metropolitan area and rarely found elsewhere in the United States.  Preliminary plans for Lamb Spring include an interpretive museum and educational facility, which will offer the public exceptional opportunities for participation in both field and laboratory settings.  Partially excavated bone beds will be the centerpiece and primary attraction of the site.

The museum will be designed to enhance and protect the archaeological remains and will feature bone beds in various stages of excavation.  An on-site museum at Lamb Spring will be a significant cultural facility contributing to scientific knowledge, interdisciplinary research, and dedicated to public education and participation of science.

Visitors of the museum will have the opportunity to view artifacts and fossils in their original setting, and observe archaeologists and students while they excavate study and catalog the remains.  On site activities will include research, education, collection conservation, preservation and storage, research archives, tours, classes and programs, exhibit development and design, volunteer activities and special events and programs.